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Silver / Dazed
Quality holographic cosmetic bags with low zippers to access your makeup easily
Makeup Bag, Cosmetic Bag, Holographic, Silver, BEAT BAG
Purple or Silver holographic Beat Bag. Custom design.

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Silver / Dazed

 Whether it’s in your handbag, or on the bench of your best friend’s bathroom sink, the bold-holographic design of our cases means they’re enjoyed by you, and by all who get a glimpse.
Style shouldn’t come at the expense of savings. We’re cheaper than we look, so you can save your money for what goes inside.
Height: 160mm
Width: 210mm
Depth: 80mm
Colour: Holographic silver
Lining: Hot pink
Mesh pocket. 
Elastic holder. 
Zipper details: Rose gold
Low zipper design. 

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